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Bluebirds Music





Email us to bring Bluebirds to a location near you!
Dance, sing, play, and have FUN while learning foundational music skills that feed the brain and prepare us for learning an instrument!
Ages 4.5
to 8

Bluebirds Music Registration & Pricing

Fall, Winter, and Spring semesters: $150 for 10 weekly, hour-long classes

$50 discount for addtional siblings

In Bluebirds music classes, we understand that all all children have an inherent capacity for music that should be nurtured and cultivated.  Our goal is to support children on their musical journey in an environment that is age-appropriate, safe, exciting, and FUN!  


Join us for the most FUN way to build foundational music skills like...


Singing in Tune

Reading Music



Identifying Genres and Instruments

...all while dancing, playing, singing, and having fun with friends and instruments.  


Bluebirds Music is a drop-off, group music class for budding musicians ages 4.5 to 8.  We use movement, games, our voices, familiar and new music, and story-telling to help us build a strong foundation in music that prepares us for private lessons with an individual instrument.  There is no homework or practice schedule with Bluebirds, but there is plenty of parent education available and lots of information about how to support your child's learning at home.  

Bluebirds I is perfect for kiddos of all ages and musical abilities.

Bluebirds II is great for kiddos who have completed Bluebirds I, or for kiddos who know a few basic musical concepts.  

All Bluebirds classes are a great supplement to private lessons!


Each semester features a different genre.  We will explore the songs, musical heroes, and common instruments of that particular genre while we build foundational music skills.

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