Private Piano/Guitar Lessons

Lesson Registration & Pricing

$40/30 min lesson

Piano Lessons

Instructors: Lauren or Teri

Location: We will travel to your home!

Availability: Depends on the teacher's schedule, and the location of your home.

Acoustic Guitar Lessons

Instructor: Erin

Location: Copper Chapel

  630 Copper Rd

  Frisco, CO 80443







Please email us at: 

Or contact us through our website


Interested in ONLINE lessons?

We can work with you!  Email us and specify your request.

Private lessons are tailored to the unique learning needs and goals of each student.


Parents can expect:

  • Initial goal setting that involves the parents, child and teacher

  • A weekly correspondence about the child's progress and a weekly practice outline

  • Comprehensive education in foundational music skills including rhythm, melody, pitch, musical notation, and musical genres

  • Individualized lessons tailored to the unique learning style of your child

  • Fun, low-pressure lessons that help foster a love of music and learning

  • Opportunities for their child to perform in a Winter and Spring Recital specifically held for Blue Sky Music students and their families

Adults can expect:

  • Unique private lessons tailored to your goals and musical taste

  • Learning based on your favorite artists and songs

  • Lessons for total beginners and more experienced players 

  • Low-pressure lessons that are also effective and productive

  • Opportunities to perform in the Blue Sky Music Winter and Spring Recitals

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