Private Piano/Guitar Lessons

Piano Lesson

Lesson Registration & Pricing

$40/30 min lesson

$60/45 min lesson

Piano Lessons

Instructors: Lauren

Location: We will travel to your home!

Availability: Depends on the teacher's schedule, and the location of your home.

Age recommendation: 5+

Acoustic Guitar Lessons

Instructor: Erin

Location: Copper Chapel

  630 Copper Rd

  Frisco, CO 80443


Wednesday or Thursday evenings

Age recommendation: 7+

Other Instruments

Our instructors also have experience teaching flute, ukulele, and recorder.  If you have a specific request for another instrument beside piano or guitar, we may be able to work with you!  Email us.

Please email us at: 

Or contact us through our website

Private lessons are tailored to the unique learning needs and goals of each student.


Parents can expect:

  • Initial goal setting that involves the parents, child and teacher

  • A weekly correspondence about the child's progress and a weekly practice outline

  • Comprehensive education in foundational music skills including rhythm, melody, pitch, musical notation, and musical genres

  • Individualized lessons tailored to the unique learning style of your child

  • Fun, low-pressure lessons that help foster a love of music and learning

  • Opportunities for their child to perform in a Winter and Spring Recital specifically held for Blue Sky Music students and their families

Adults can expect:

  • Unique private lessons tailored to your goals and musical taste

  • Learning based on your favorite artists and songs

  • Lessons for total beginners and more experienced players 

  • Low-pressure lessons that are also effective and productive

  • Opportunities to perform in the Blue Sky Music Winter and Spring Recitals